Soda blasting is the latest technology to remove paint and clean it securely on most surfaces. Sodium Blaster uses compressed air to provide sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) media on the surface to clean it. Although it initially looks similar to sandblasting, all similarities disappear quickly when you understand the process. Sand is a heavy solid that can cause damage to any surface. He will dig glass, break the rubber and plastic and dig the metal. Soda blowing has nothing to do with this. The composite explosive agent is made up of sodium bicarbonate, which is produced to have a larger crystalline volume. When the material you blow in the soda hits, the crystal explodes outward, and the blast is the force that removes your target from fat, paint, rust, mold, and dirt, whatever you remove.  It provides a unique and new solution to restore and renew any surface. Works on a wide range of projects, from large industrial jobs to small sensitive special jobs, making everyone at the same level of professionalism and integrity. Using many environmentally friendly and recycled media such as soda and glass, it can clean wood, stone, and metal, restore their lives, and restore lost details. This process is nice and does not damage the original surface, thanks to its willingness to immediately re-paint and can be used to treat fire or flood. No matter what you need to renew, be it big or small, it can cause it. Cleaning abrasive abrasives use clean and environmentally friendly cleaning methods for all types of surfaces. There is also a wide range of other sandblasting agents, such as recovered glass/plastics and calcium. All media do not contain heavy metals and are degradable without damaging the environment.  The methods used are aggressive enough to remove paint and rust layers from old metal elements, but are sensitive enough to clean wood and remove paint from classic cars, adjust airflow and use various cleaning agents as a function!  soda blasting allows all types of media to be used for many companies with a wide range of surface cleaning options, including power cleaning and washing using a pressure jet. The sanding process can be used for many purposes, including: Reconstruction of sandblasting fires: Houses and commercial compounds destroyed by fire, but not sufficient for demolition, must be cleaned and rebuilt. Purify the soda with several types of media to get rid of coal from the wood and clean the pressure stream with water recovery in order to restore the interior of the plant and restore the pavement.  soda blasting is an environmentally friendly and most productive way to remove graffiti from surfaces such as bricks, concrete and more. A wide range of media is used to remove the paint from the wall, and then water and stream cleaning processes are used to obtain recently cleaned wooden walls.  If you are thinking about cleaning, which includes renovating a residential area or opening a new company in commercial buildings after the property is moved by the building or after changing the exterior directly, it is good to hire a reputable company that offers specialized soda blasting services and other specialized cleaning services to clients.   All over the country that comes from all areas, whether residential, commercial, industrial or public. In other words, the company you use must be able to provide all the technologies, such as soda and media cleaning, and the power of steam washing and cleaning to remove dirt from all surfaces or hard or external surfaces. If you’re in the market for a good soda blasting service check out Sandblasting Chicago.