the softest classic car cleaning method!

In 1982, the United States decided to restore the Statue of Liberty. It was necessary to clean the copper plates in which the statue is made. Copper in many points has been damaged by corrosion. The technologies, that were available at that time, did not allow soft copper cleaning without damaging it. Then they decided to use baking soda as an abrasive. It did not damage copper, was dissolved in water, and harmless to the environment. In that time it was a real breakthrough in blasting technology and a saving solution to a serious national issue. Soda blasting is recognized as the gentlest technology for classic car surface cleaning. In the case of auto repair painting, soda simultaneously leans the car steel from co-paint and outdated paintwork materials, without steel corroding. Blasting soda has been invented many years ago. But its ability to remove also the rust has become clear only now. The last property was the result of the improvement of the technique by increasing the jet feed rate by increasing the pressure in the unit. The appearance of the treated surface does not meet any standards for cleaning with abrasives, although at the exit we have a steel plane of dark gray color with the finest potholes. Advantages of soda blasting classic car cleaning: The coating acts as a primer; Soda and water jet eliminates oil, acids and other contaminants; Prolonged exposure allows you to achieve the profile processing of the classic car cover; There is no place for second time rusting of bare metal, because during the work soda makes passive the steel molecular structure; The steel loses a huge amount of electrolytes. It can be without treatment with special anti-corrosion compounds for a long time (up to 30 days in a dry box to work without primer); It is possible to arrange soda blasting classic car in all weather conditions.     Soda has no side effects typical of slag or sand. You will not be able to observe a jet moving under excessive pressure or ricochet damage to nearby car elements. Sodium bicarbonate is quickly transformed into powder and dissolves, does not harm the basis of the expensive classic car and the health of the employee. Soda blasting allows removing an old coating very carefully (plastic, rubber, glass) to a knife sheen without overheating and residual soda. It is also very important to protect the zinc coating of the steel body.     Sandblasting has several disadvantages compared to soda: Overheating of the metal and its curvature – for example, on large planes is not acceptable; When the sand finds a small hole, it turns it into a large one, regardless to the corrosion level, cutting off the steel; The haze of the surface makes the observe of microcracks impossible as well as to eliminate them; The damage of the zinc cover. When making a choice of what method of blasting cleaning to use it is recommended to consider the obvious advantages of soda blasting classic car cleaning implementation. It will save the car copper cover and creates a primer layer.